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Scented Mask Spray
(50 mL)
I decided to combine science and nature to create a mask spray that not only helps to remove viruses and bacteria from surfaces but also utilizes the beneficial properties of essential oils! Inspired by doctors and thieves from the bubonic plague who protected themselves with masks and a unique blend of essential oils.
Using our history and past knowledge to formulate this new spray, its now time to start spreading the word. I always test my products on myself first. I am also a scientist and have heavily researched the topic and my choice for my mask spray is 70% isopropyl alcohol.
I encourage you to do the same research in keeping your family healthy.
Not only do I keep my mask clean but also my essential oil blends relax and refresh.
#crocusbotanicals #sciencemeetsbeauty #thieves #scienceforthewin
Five Options for Scent:
Thieves Blend
Boreal Forest
Stress Relief
Lavender Rose
Instructions: CLOTH MASKS ONLY
Spray the mask (BOTH inside and out) to saturate. Allow to air dry for 5 minutes. 70% alcohol so do not wear mask until completely dry.
*excellent choice when unable to wash your mask between uses or between stops in town*
Isopropyl alcohol at 60% or higher is recommended to effectively kill viruses in 5 minutes (see reference below CDC). Safer than bleach as long as you follow instructions below!

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Thieves' Blend, Boreal Forest, Stress Relief, Lavender Rose, Holiday


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