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Circumpolar Duet: singular/plurality facilitated by kjmunro – Leslie Leong Ent. Ltd., 2020 ISBN 978-0-9681715-6-1 Yukon artists and writers partnered in the exhibition, & now the publication, called Circumpolar Duet: singular/plurality. The exhibition, held at Yukon Artists @ Work Gallery in January 2020, featured visual and literary works ranging from poems and stories to paintings, ceramics, fabrics and photography. This publication features all 40 artworks (by visual artists Nicole Bauberger, Marten Berkman, Heidi Hehn, Jackie Irvine, Astrid Kruse, Françoise La Roche, Leslie Leong, Lillian Loponen, Joyce Majiski and Martha Jane Ritchie, & literary artists Ellen Bielawski, Corinna Cook, Lily Gontard, Jamella Hagen, Susanne Hingley, Ruth Lera, Joanna Lilley, Kirsten Madsen, Laurel Parry and Elisabeth Weigand).


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