Animals + Their Vices: Alexis


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Newly single, Alexis has decided to reinvent herself (again). She isn’t sure what way this transformation is headed, but there are very few things she enjoys more than emerging from the bath a totally different animal than when she got in. She is sort of on the fence between born-again-virgin and vintage goth – either way, she will need a completely new wardrobe to match her completely new life. This is going to be her best glow up yet!

A + V
Animals and their Vices in an ongoing project that mixes images and words. Each animal has a painting, and also a small biography. Every animal’s story is unique; a snippet of their character and circumstances to entertain the reader and celebrate the sweet absurdity of this world.

These colourful, whimsical 5x7inch prints each feature one of the cast of Animals and their Vices. Included with each print is the animals story – a vignette about their lives.


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